Leave in conditioner             

A beautifully light conditioner suitable for multiple applications as necessary. Can really help as a detangler. With heavy amounts of Panthenol–or pro-vitamin B5 which moisturises, coats and seals the hair surface, Wheat Germ–which contains Vitamin E, thiamine, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids and Wheat Proteins for anti static and moisturising.

75 ml                                     £10

250 ml                                   £18

Sea salt spray

Root boosting roughing spray for Short to medium length hair - Invisible finish! for that surfer look! Washes out easily. No fragrance.
An amazing finish, complemented by the products amazing look - clear upper liquid with a gorgeous blue sea bed - shake to use!

75 ml                                  £10

Flex wax

A wax based styling product, enhancing hair colour and giving a soft and flexible hold.Apply to dry or towel dry hair hair. Style as you wish.Washes out easily.Works all day, allowing restyling without reapplication.Washes out easily. Gorgeous toffee fragrance.

100 ml                                £14

Stamp rock Wax

A paste-like styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Strong and pliable hold with a very matte almost invisible finish.  Apply with dry hands to dry hair. Rub a small amount evenly between palms, using friction to warm and soften the paste.Work sparingly into hair.Washes out easily. Fragrances with melon.

100 ml                              £14

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